Song of the Day: Feathers

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Artist: Feathers Track: "Waterdust" Album: Something's Wrong with Feathers


When I'm bored with my music and in need of some weird little tunes to perk up my spirits, I often head to the MySpace page of Brightblack Morning Light, that sublime bunch of hippies I've been raving about for the past year or so.

Today's likeable, by no means monumental discovery: Feathers.

Like many of the outfits that have been lumped into what's often called the Freak Folk Movement, this Vermont collective is vague and flip about facts and details. It seems more a random bunch of friends with plenty of time to sit 'round and make fun sounds.

That's pretty much the glory of "Waterdust" - whatever that is. God knows. Or maybe he doesn't. I want some, though. Sounds nice.

The humor, experimentation and mechanics of this song are very close to Lothar & the Hand People, another obscure group that I've come to love for not letting their musical talent get in the way of being really weird.

That happens sometimes. Not with Feathers, thankfully.