Lunch Break Links: August 2, 2007

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Columbus Alive

EW listed memorable Simpsons guest stars they'd like to see if the series gets a second run on the big screen.

In a strange turn, the new Broken Social Scene/Kevin Drew album will feature J. Mascis, Scott Kannberg and... Tom Cochrane.

Suburbs mourns the proliferation of Jeopardy's special episodes...

...and on a somewhat similar note, Paste's Andy Whitman mourns our culture's lost "appetite for difficulty."

Status Ain't Hood defends Common's Finding Forever.

Pop Candy rundown: The latest about "Cloverfield," a search engine/directory for online radio, a Lollapalooza webcast and crazy interviews: Ryan Adams interviews Arcade Fire, Adam Sandler interviews Andy Samberg, etc....

More Andy Samberg: EW has a video interview.

Spin has a feature on how records leak and what the industry is doing about it. (via Paper Thin Walls)

TV news, influential punks and a weird choking incident after the jump...

ShoutMouth counts down the 25 most influential punk bands. Lots of good audio and video clips in there. (via Paper Thin Walls)

Idolator has a fun time-passing game courtesy of critic Frank Kogan: Add the phrase "With a Butcher Knife" to the end of album titles. Yeah, kind of like the old "in bed" game, only... sharper.

Move over, Grim Reaper. The Kitty of Death will herald our impending doom from now on.

Metal duo Big Business is doing a tour diary for Billboard.

TV Tattle rundown: Project Runway finished taping its 4th season, Drew Carey has a foul mouth and The View is swapping Rosie for Whoopi.

LHB rundown: Metro New York writes about how festivals have superceded touring, Boston's Phoenix profiles rockers-turned-realtors and The Riverfront Times interviews Neil Hamburger.

Roger Ebert will conduct a live chat at 8 tonight at the Ebert & Roeper website. (via TV Squad)

Starbucks and Goombah(?) are hosting some sort of online battle of the bands thing. (via Paste)

Paul Wall and Nelly need to advise this kid: Don't choke on your grill.

Finally, New York Magazine profiled Mark Ibold, the loveable lout who lucked into being in two of the greatest rock bands of all-time, Pavement and Sonic Youth. I wish we had folks like that to profile in our bartender column. (via Matablog)