The Best Strawberry-Rhubarb Pie in Columbus

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

I was pretty excited to interview Carrie Rasmussen, the pie-baker behind Tip Top’s totally tasty homemade desserts, for this week’s Alive & Unedited (check out the story and video).

And I am the city’s foremost expert on strawberry-rhubarb pie.

Of course, as a journalist I’m required to remain objective. No one wants to read a puff piece on strawberry-rhubarb pie that’s all flaky crust and no filling. I mean, I’ve got to try the blackberry pie too. And the cherry. And, just for the sake of accuracy, the raspberry-peach. What can I say -- I’m a very thorough reporter.

When I first called Carrie last month to set up the interview, I mentioned (objectively) that I really like her pie. She said, “Oh, thank you. What kind have you had?”

Now, I suspect that she expected me to name one or two kinds of pie. After all, the restaurant had only been open for about six weeks at that point. But I quickly launched into my answer:

“Well, I’ve had the strawberry-rhubarb a few times, of course, and the raspberry, blackberry a couple times, cherry, raspberry-peach, apple…”

It’s not that I have a pie-eating problem, exactly. But I am the city’s foremost expert.

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