Back in this, for real

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Columbus Alive

I haven't updated this blog in nearly five days. My explanation:

You: Hey, John, where you been? Me: Fairing it. You: Oh, killer Me: Yeaaaahhh.

More inside.

Cheap records

At the State Fair today, I just bought a copy of Bend Me, Shape Me by the American Breed on vinyl for $1. The vinyl dude's in the southernmost barn near the E. 11th Ave. entrance.

While browsing the racks, I found a good-condition copy of The Kink Kontroversy, which I own already but could've bought for DeVille's birthday tomorrow. But, see, DeVille's heard that record at my house. Many times. He can even borrow it for a short time. So I leaned over to the young rock fan searching the racks next to me, handed it to him and urged him to buy it.

Some might say I just saved his life.

Difficult skill games

See that Venom doll pictured above? Yeah, I won that. Only took me $35. Totally worth it. Rising Waters squirt gun game. Bested an easy bunch of 6-year-old kids. That's my advice: Find a game that allows you to compete against others, and then wait for competitors half your age.

Works every time.

$2 Corn Dogs

Not sure if that's a good deal, but the stand near the big yellow slide is offering them for this price.