Lunch Break Links: August 6, 2007

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Columbus Alive

Music legend Lee Hazelwood is dead.

Lollapalooza occurred this weekend. Who was there? The usual suspects: Stereogum, Pop Candy, Pitchfork, The Chicago Tribune, etc. The AT&T Blue Room will have video highlights soon.

XBox announced more songs that will be in Guitar Hero III.

This is not from an action movie: Masked, armed men stole paintings by Monet and others from a French gallery yesterday.

Vice Records is offering a new Black Lips mp3. (Check the column on the right.) (via Paper Thin Walls)

AV Club posted a list of 12 memorable comic strip deaths. (I guess you could say "spoiler alert!" along with this.) The Garfield stuff is pretty interesting.

Apparently Rivers Cuomo wants to publish his memoirs. Sadly, I would probably read them.

Wanna know what was in Hitler's record collection? (via Idolator)

Slate reports on what we the people are entering into search engines.

Cracked lists the 10 weakest songs by badass bands. I'm not sure Uncle Kracker was ever badass, though. (via LHB)

Largehearted Boy has its Interesting DVD and CD Releases online.

Finally, bad cops in Thailand are set to be punished by wearing Hello Kitty armbands!