Song of the Day: Dr. Hook

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Columbus Alive

Artist: Dr. Hook Track: "Get My Rocks Off" Album: Sloppy Seconds

Likely you know "The Cover of the Rolling Stone," a smash '70s hit recorded by the band known as Dr. Hook & the Medicine Show. Dude, they weren't into the whole brevity thing back then. Bankruptcy filings and contractual disputes with their label forced them to reform as, simply, Dr. Hook in the mid '70s. (Interesting, though, that the cover of Sloppy Seconds, released in 1972, credits the band as Dr. Hook.) has an interesting history of the band here.

It doesn't really matter what they were called: The spirit has always remained intact.

This track exhibits the group's brand of raucus country, pop and rock - music recorded in such a way as to imply many hard nights spent face-first in a bottle of bourbon while wearing a cowboy hat and smoking cigarettes.

It's juvenile, which many have noted, but that's partly why it's awesome. Someone actually recorded this song, as well as others like "Freakin' at the Freaker's Ball."

But other than the ridiculously simple and hedonistic lyrics, the music is expertly arranged and perfectly balanced among the many genres that the band pilfered and reimagined throughout its career.

This is a prime example of that magic.

Interesting note: Cartoonist and author Shel Silvestein wrote the songs for the band's first two albums, including Sloppy Seconds.