Lunch Break Links: August 8, 2007

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But in bigger news, Doc Jensen's Lost column has made a triumphant return! EW also has an interview with Harold Perrineau about Michael's return.

And as long as I'm linking to EW stuff, their "name that boy band" quiz and spoiler-y "20 movie endings we love" seem like sure bets too.

I really enjoyed Flight of the Conchords' performance and interview from a while back on World Cafe.

Paper Thin Walls has an article on British music video director Nima Nourizadeh, who has worked with Lily Allen, Hot Chip, Dizzee Rascal and more. (side note: Lily got her visa jacked)

So this really is Kanye's album cover after all. (Yes!) Also, he's backing out of his "debate" with 50 Cent on BET. Awesome 50 quote via Idolator: "Just don't be asking me if I'm a conscious rapper. I know exactly what I'm saying—so I am conscious."

Radiohead's Jonny Greenwood will perform an award-winning classical piece of his this winter in NYC.

Pitchfork has interviews with Bad Brains and Interpol.

From donewaiting user greenhorn1: "Amazon backs popularity-based music site."

AV Club interviewed Buffy and Firely mastermind Joss Whedon.

LOTS of good TV stuff plus some music notes and the greatest grill ever, after the jump...

Even though Oxygen is programmed for women, it is trying to attract male viewers by adding a Deion Sanders reality show.

Watch with Kristin has been real solid since her underlings took over. News on Weeds, 24, Friday Night Lights and more over there...

Via LHB: The Times Online lists the 10 most embarassing pop moments of this decade (aka the "noughties"). SF Weekly profiles the return of Arthur magazine.

These next few courtesy of Pop Candy:

Popsugar provides images of a young John Krasinski.

•The fro Will Ferrell has been sporting can now be explained.

Jonny Quest is the next thing to needlessly become a movie.

•A freaky Dexter site has popped up in advance of the show's fall season.

MyDamnChannel joins FunnyOrDie and SuperDeluxe in the viral comedy game.


Hell Rell! That's quite the grill you've got there! (via Paper Thin Walls)