Lunch Break Links: August 9, 2007

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Columbus Alive

One of those YouTube stars is David Sides, who does piano renditions of songs like "Umbrella" and "Make It Rain" and is now selling his recordings online. The Internet rules!

Patton Oswalt shows how to do Pitchfork's "Guest List" feature right. And he's stumping for some of my favorite stuff, so there you go.

Remember UNKLE? They're doing their first American shows, but if Thom Yorke isn't going to be there, I don't know who's gonna care. Let's just watch the "Rabbit in Your Headlights" video instead. (p.s. I'm currently listening to that song and being transported back to high school summertime drives with homemade Radiohead B-sides and rarities collections. Nostalgia!)

Common scored his first No. 1 album with the debut of Finding Forever. Until I saw him with the Roots last summer, I didn't realize just how good this guy is, but his part of the show was by far the best. And until I saw those Gap ads, I didn't realize how huge he was. I thought he was one of those music geek celebrities who aren't actually that famous in real life. Here's a clip of him in the studio making this album, and here's "The Game," the first single.

Two Slate headlines caught my eye today: America's Worst Blog Names and Why Southerners Won't Shut Up About Their Sweet Tea.

The Hater is right: This new Parker Posey show looks awful! Who knew they still did laugh tracks in TV comedies?

TV Squad also links to the Conchords' SXSW documentary (if only I'd had a clue back then...) and Mel's video blogs.

These two come courtesy of LHB: We haven't heard from the Fiery Furnaces for a while, so let's do that. And I've always wondered what Nels Cline thought about playing with Wilco, and now I know.

The New York Times reports that cable TV has had a breakout summer.

EW listed 20 more perfect movie endings.

USA Today has a good Weeds feature, and Pop Candy points us to the trailer for Michel Gondry's new Be Kind Rewind with Jack Black and Mos Def.

Finally (and regretfully), Idolator informs us of the existence of GodTube, one of the absurdities that makes me embarrassed about the state of American Christianity.