Hey Buddy, Can You Spare A Ride?

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

If you’re a college student, you’re used to hoofing it or biking around campus, taking the bus to bars and taking a cab back at the end of the night. You could even get your parents to pick you up for those dreaded holidays back home.

So when do you need a car? Maybe a night or two a week to run errands in the suburbs, or to hit the mall on weekends. If you have a car, it sits around collecting dust and parking tickets the rest of the time.

Flexcar will make 20 vehicles available for students, staff and neighborhood residents. The program will begin as soon as people start signing up.

Members can reserve vehicles parked in designated spots across Campus, and use their membership card to unlock the car through a reader on the windshield. After using the vehicle, they return it to the same spot and are billed an hourly fee on their credit card.

The program will include a pickup truck, minivan, sedans, sports cars and hybrids, rentable for $5 to $13 an hour. That includes gas and insurance. Yearly memberships typically cost $35, but that charge is being waived at OSU for those who join by October 31. Ohio State is providing the parking spots free to Flexcar.

Flexcar operates in 13 cities. Ohio State's program is the company’s first in Ohio.

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