Lunch Break Links: August 16, 2007

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Columbus Alive

This has the potential to be unthinkably wonderful or soul-crushingly awful: Kanye, Pharrell and Lupe Fiasco are planning to record an album together. (via Paste)

Also, the Kanye/Lil Wayne collaboration "Barry Bonds" is floating around the Web...

I love Les Savy Fav, and with their new album Let's Stay Friends due out in September, you're probably going to be reading a lot more about them here. Today singer Tim Harrington contributed to Pitchfork's Guest List feature.

Speaking of Let's Stay Friends, I've spent the summer totally obsessed with one of the pre-released tracks, "The Equestrian." Have a listen:

Stylus provides bluffer's guides for freestyle music (it's not what you think) and... Reese Witherspoon?

Variety writes on the Emmys' continued rejection of critics' picks. (Snubbing The Wire was unforgivable!)

AV Club has interviews with legendary puppet actor Frank Oz and the up-and-comers from Superbad.

Video via Pop Candy: A clip from the production diary of The Darjeeling Limited is at Yahoo, and if you want to watch an exclusive online episode of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, now you can.

Tokyo Police Club is still mining their EP, this time with a video for "Citizens of Tomorrow." Put out a full-length already!

Have you heard about these memoirs by Pattie Boyd, the woman who inspired George Harrison to write "Something" and Eric Clapton to write "Layla" (and who left husband Harrison for Clapton)?

So Adidas and Major League Soccer have arranged this program called MLS Represent where a musical act from each city gets commissioned to write music for the team. Mike Jones is repping the Houston Dynamo, etc. Thing is, I don't think Columbus gets one because the Crew didn't make the playoffs last year. (And I shudder to think who they would select, anyway—O.A.R.?) (via Idolator)

This Petra Hayden cover of Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'" is worth a listen.

The Black Lips told Paper Thin Walls a story about their trip to Israel.

Speaking of Breihan, Status Ain't Hood writes about that "This is Next" compilation (aka Now That's What I Call Indie!)

Slate reports on baseball's "new technology that will change statistical analysis forever" and slams a professor who wrote an op-ed about why you should feel sorry for Starbucks: "The worst op-ed ever?"

Ryan Seacrest is doing Super Bowl coverage?

In other bad Fox news, the production schedule for the next season of 24 has been delayed again. Let's hope they can pull off a miracle comeback; I hate to see Jack Bauer go out like this.

Finally, is South Park/Family Guy like Beatles/Stones?