The Coldest Stella in Columbus

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

I was pretty excited about last week's cover story, The Coldest Beer in Columbus. It was the perfect confluence of clever nightlife coverage and, like, actual science -- which is what we do best here at the Alive (with the exception of the actual science). Hats off to Chris DeVille and John Ross for their diligent research skills. And all it took was 15 pints of suds a $20 digital thermometer we lovingly dubbed the "beerometer."

Anyway, all this pride in our scientific achievements came welling up again the other night while I was enjoying a tasty meal of meatballs at the Knotty Pine. I was served an icy-cold Stella Artois that almost gave me brain-freeze -- and made me wish I had the beerometer with me. I couldn't help but wonder: 36 degrees? 32 degrees? Maybe a record low of 30 degrees?

We'll have to include the Knotty Pine on our next citywide search for the most refreshing brews. It's really a nice neighborhood hangout -- kind of plain on the outside, with a sleek modern sheen on the inside, friendly service and a casual pub-grub menu. According to the Grumpy Gourmet, the Knotty Pine is one of the city's oldest restaurants. And the meatballs are delicious.

Knotty Pine Grill 1765 W. Third Ave., Grandview 614-488-8878