Adieu, fair Pockets

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Last night the first Columbus band I fell in love with played its last show in town before relocating to Hamilton, Ontario. The Terribly Empty Pockets played a last-minute "Immigration Celebration" at Cafe Bourbon Street and showed just why they'll be missed in these parts.

Despite their relatively limited discography, the Pockets have way too many great songs to fit into a 30-minute set, so with time running out as karaoke hour approached (seriously) there was no way they were going to get to everything. But the songs they did play were a fine cross-section of older and newer jams that leaves me baffled as to why they don't seem any closer to world fame than they did two years ago. Perhaps the land of the maple leaf will shower deserved fortune upon them.

Farewell, fair Pockets, and good luck.

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