Lunch Break Links: August 22, 2007

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Columbus Alive

Thanks to Melissa Starker for sending along this video of Spike Jonze interviewing M.I.A. Her new Kala is out and it's awesome.

Pitchfork has a new MP3 from Philly's Clockcleaner, friends and ex-labelmates of local heroes Times New Viking.

Meanwhile, Stereogum has a new MP3 from New York's Goes Cube, friends of local heroes Necropolis. Now if only Necropolis would become blog famous.

The 'fork also has the new Foo Fighters video, and the song is actually better than I expected. I mean, it's no "Monkey Wrench," but it could be much worse.

Fresh off of watching Inland Empire, Intensities in Suburbs counts down the top 10 "Lynch for Lynch's Sake" characters.

I thought Kanye was downplaying this whole 50 Cent rivalry. At least he still seems like he's not taking it too seriously.

The hot movie trailers on YouTube are Judd Apatow's Walk the Line spoof Walk Hard and Todd Haynes' Bob Dylan flick (starring six actors as Dylan) I'm Not There.

Cool TV links via Pop Candy: Interviews with Ed Helms and the woman who finds the babies to play Aaron on Lost, plus news that Paul Reubens will be on the new ABC show Pushing Daisies.

Status Ain't Hood writes about Things I Learned Watching High School Musical 2. "Turns out that the plot of the movie ultimately revolves around the perils of selling out, which is a pretty weird message to drive a Disney Channel movie." So, as someone who has absolutely no contact with preteens at this stage in my life, when I heard the first movie's soundtrack was the top-selling album last year, I scratched my head and said "What's High School Musical?" Now it seems kind of inescapable.

•YouTube is starting to run ads over some of its videos.

•A new Madonna/Pharrell collaboration leaked, but the page where you can supposedly find it seems to be getting slammed.

Justin and Britney were going to duet on a Timbaland track, but she backed out??? WTF Britney???

•And further WTF: Bill O'Reilly is attacking Nas?

Finally, I can totally relate to this problem. (By the way, Friday Night Lights comes with a money back guarantee!)