Lunch Break Links: August 23, 2007

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Columbus Alive

Speaking of R. Kelly, he seems to be planning a fall tour despite his looming kiddie porn trial.

Isn't it kind of bad business for 50 and Kanye to bury the hatchet like this? Then again, 50 will probably be slinging poo at Kanye again before the weekend's up.

AV Club lists 15 masters of on-stage banter.

The latest Lost casting addition is Rebecca Mader, previously of All My Children and Justice. Oh, and Jeremy Davies of Saving Private Ryan is joining the cast too.

How much will it cost to buy the complete series set of Seinfeld on DVD? $284.

The New York Times wonders whether HBO's competitors are right: Has the network lost it?

A few links from Pop Candy:

Yahoo has the pilot of Fox's K-Ville, a drama set in post-Katrina New Orleans.

Justin Timberlake is joining the cast of Mike Myers' new movie, also featuring Jessica Alba and Weeds' Romany Malco.

Yo La Tengo is going on a "freewheeling" storytelling tour.

Haven't talked much about the new Rilo Kiley because I was never really into them, but I like the new video and the song, "Silver Lining."

Animal Collective have a new video too, for Strawberry Jam leadoff "Peacebone."

And continuing this little indie rock link streak, the Fiery Furnaces released an MP3 from their upcoming album.

David Yow, formerly of Jesus Lizard and now of Qui, tells Paper Thin Walls a story. Qui will be at Ravari Room on Sept. 29.

Ticketmaster and LiveNation are splitting up, but so far that doesn't mean you'll be getting a better deal on your Arcade Fire tickets.

Finally, cover your eyes! WFMU's Beware of the Blog lists the most inexplicably nude album covers. (via LHB)