The Best Beef on Weck in Columbus

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

I'm a big believer in beef -- that's no secret. So a sandwich called "beef on weck" naturally has a prized position on my meaty menu.

Beef on weck belongs in the pantheon of regional workingman's fare -- the same lineage that gave us cheesesteak in Philadelphia, Italian beef in Chicago and the French dip in L.A. Very similar sandwiches, really, with subtle but important local variations.

Beef on weck hails from Buffalo, thanks to the German immigrants who imported kummelweck bread. Weck is like a chewy Kaiser roll, topped with big crystals of pretzel salt and caraway seed; it eats sort of like a savory salt bagel. Pile on the juicy, thick-cut roast beef and cover with horseradish and you've got beef on weck -- simple, but delicious.

Club 185 serves the special only on Thursdays -- and it's definitely worth a visit. For fans of hearty sandwiches, beef on weck is a must-eat (and wing-sauce-free) taste of Buffalo.

Club 185 185 E. Livingston Ave., German Village 614-228-3904