Lunch Break Links: August 27, 2007

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John Ross suggests this as a response.

On a morbid note, did Owen Wilson attempt suicide this weekend?

And some big news/rumors to kick off the week: My Bloody Valentine is said to be reuniting for next year's Coachella. (via Paper Thin Walls)

Paper Thin Walls also directs us to this blog, where Dave Grohl's raw drum tracks from his stint in Queens of the Stone Age are up for the downloadin'.

In the most interesting article I've read this morning, Slate explains Wikiscanner, the site that has been "unmasking Wikipedia's vandals."

Does anybody out there remember the Super Furry Animals? Pitchfork has an interview with the Welsh wonders, who seem to have fallen completely off my radar.

Stylus' latest bluffer's guide covers the genre known as Ghettotech.

Does "Newton Faulkner" sound like a star's name to you?

This is old news by now, but I just now finally decided to check it out: Superbad's Michael Cera stars in a free online comedy series called Clark and Michael that has been getting rave reviews.

TV Guide's Matt Roush rants about the worst TV movie of the year.

EW posted the rest of its top celebrity scandals list.

And speaking of scandalous, Ang Lee's new Lust, Caution has received an NC-17 rating, and PopWatch's Gregory Kirschling couldn't be happier about it.

If you like the BouncyCrazyFun garage rock of the Black Lips, Gorilla Vs. Bear recommends 60s nugget masters the Seeds.

AV Club lists 15 TV sensations whose popularity faded fast.

Have you been following this weird Fall Out Boy/Liars incident? Speaking of Liars, their new, self-titled album is out this week, along with these selections. New DVDs too.

The judges for The Next Great American Band, Fox's American Idol for rock combos: Sheila E, Johnny Rzeznik and some guy named Dicko. (via Idolator)

Pop Candy points out that Creed Thoughts is still being updated at The Office's website.

Finally, have some fun today with this band name generator, courtesy of the bustling community at donewaiting.