Lunch Break Links: August 28, 2007

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Columbus Alive

Ladies and gentlemen, I have some great news. Shooting for Season 4 of Lost is underway. Plus the producers revealed a fifth new cast member. Still more than five months 'til this stuff premieres on TV, though! DAAAA!

You'll probably enjoy this feature about chilling with Greg Oden whether you're a sports fan or not. And by the way, locals, when they say Beirut, they mean beer pong. Fun with dialects!

And while we're on the topic of sports for a moment, you might want to read John Ross' update on the status of the Big Ten Network.

Mr. Ross will no doubt be pleased to know that Matt Stone and Trey Parker are gettin' real paid and bringing at least three more years of South Park to the airwaves.

Enjoy Deezer (aka "Pandora on steriods") now because it could be shut down soon.

Ohio sons the Black Keys will work with Danger Mouse on their next LP.

Status Ain't Hood muses on Scarface's potential return to rap and the death of the wedding DJ (and how much harder that job is than you think). I don't always agree with him, but I enjoy Tom Breihan's blog more than any other these days.

Pitchfork's Poptimist pontificates on giving up your music collection and starting over.

AV Club interviewed Matt Berninger of The National.

Owen Wilson's little incident is screwing up production and promotion of all sorts of movies.

I really enjoyed this song "Party" by El Perro Del Mar last summer. Apparently now it has a video. As Paper Thin Walls notes, the title kind of fools you about what sort of song this is.

If teens had their choice, this is who they would award.

Apparently the black gossip and hip-hop blogging scene in Boston is off the chain. (via LHB)

LHB also linked to interviews with Aesop Rock and Okkervil River, both of whose new records I'll chime in on soon.

Plus, My Bloody Valentine has an official MySpace page. Could that mean what I think it does?

Kenan Thompson will slim down so he can play Barack Obama on SNL.

•The man a few of you know as John From Cincinnati got arrested for DUI.

•There's some question as to whether Roger Ebert has banned thumbs from his TV program in his absence.

Pop Candy features Top Chef's Tom Collichio in this week's podcast! Also, Whitney directs us to the Dunder Mifflin newsletter.

Lastly, Feist appeared on Letterman with an indie rock all-star choir. Members of Grizzly Bear, The New Pornographers, Mates of State, The National and Broken Social Scene joined in for "1234." Watch and enjoy below.