Tailgating and ticket news, via Ohio State

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Had dinner with some Buckeye fans last night, and they were concerned with some changes that had been enacted by Ohio State in advance of the season opener Saturday against Youngstown State.

They mentioned harsher alcohol enforcement, which, from what I've been reading, doesn't sound much different from years past. A list of parking, partying and security guidelines is available here.

Some things to remember before getting your tailgate on after the jump...

Alcohol: Alcoholic beverages are not permitted in Ohio Stadium. Guests identified with alcohol inside the stadium will have the alcohol confiscated and may be ejected from the stadium.

Alcohol: Possession and consumption of alcohol in the stadium parking areas are subject to the laws and regulations of the State of Ohio and/or City of Columbus. Police and Liquor Control Agents patrol these areas and enforce all applicable laws. These officials issue citations or make arrests for of laws prohibiting open containers in public areas, including university parking lots and garages.

Grilling: In accordance with fire codes, there is no grilling inside parking garages, including the rooftop level. Grills are permitted on surface lots.

Tents: Columbus Division of Fire officials will inspect tents to enforce a city code that requires a permit for tents larger than 200 square feet. There is no cooking inside or under a tent or awning.

Parking: Ohio State recommends arriving two to three hours before the game to get into parking lots. Some streets will become one-way before and after the game to better handle traffic flow. The 9th Street garage that was closed last season is open for the 2007 season. The Ohio Union garage will not open until September 24.

Parking: Those looking to set up shop in an RV or other big rig won't be able to enter lots until 5 a.m. on game day. This has always been the policy, but OSU is cracking down this year due to overcrowding and security concerns. RVs arriving before this time will be directed to the state fairgrounds. Parking there is $22 per day.

Bags and such: The following items are prohibited in ohio Stadium: strollers, bags larger than 14 inches by 14 inches, balls, banners, beverages, bottles, cameras with changeable lenses, chair-back seats, containers, weapons, drugs, fireworks, flags, food, frisbees, ice chests, knives, noisemakers, picnic baskets, TVs, radios without headsets, signs, thermoses, video recorders. (There's probably other things too, so pack lightly.)

Some good news...

Credit cards: Concessions inside Ohio Stadium are finally getting in touch with the 21st century. Credit cards will be accepted at many of the concession stands.

Taxis: To help people find cabs home, there will be a taxi stand on West Campus off Carmack Road, in front of Bevis Hall.