Lunch Break Links: August 30, 2007

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Columbus Alive

Happy birthday to my dad! On to the links...

First thing's first: EW's Doc Jensen talked with the Lost producers about their five new actors.

And if you want to get excited about a show that's actually coming back on the air some time soon, check out this extended promo for The Office (via PopWatch):

Let's stay on an EW roll for one more moment and discuss "What do we really know about Owen Wilson?"

My homey David Holmes did a great Vs. feature for Stylus comparing Stop Making Sense and The Last Waltz.

His colleague Andrew Unterberger counts down the top five Jewish movie badasses.

Status Ain't Hood has a preview of Kanye's Graduation.

Thurston Moore says Sonic Youth's biggest mistake was not breaking up and getting together for a lucrative reunion tour.

Pitchfork has a list of St. Vincent's favorite things.

A concertgoer is suing Lil Wayne because she got mowed down by the crowd when he made it rain. (via Idolator)

Limewire's blog has an interview with the guy who runs Hype Machine. (via Pop Candy)

IGN listed 25 essential back to school albums.

Tom Morello might be a character in Guitar Hero III. There's probably some joke in there about "raging IN the machine," but I'll stop short of actually making it and just noncommitally suggest it. (via Paper Thin Walls)

Finally, this seems a little superficial, but what the hell: Keira Knightley named her choice for the "best kisser ever!"