Song of the Day: The Eagles (Yeah, The Eagles)

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Columbus Alive

Artist: The Eagles Track: "Hotel California (Unplugged" Album: Hell Freezes Over

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It was in the late '90s, back when The Big Lebowski was epitomizing the supreme coolness involved in doing nothing with your life, that ordinary kids began to hate The Eagles.

During one of many compelling scenes, the Dude (Jeff Bridges) was riding in a taxi cab and asked the driver to change to music because, "I hate the f---ing Eagles." This was repeated often by people who had no reason to hate the band. Well, no reason other than because some drunk bowler in a bathrobe told them to.

(The Big Lebowski started the current infatuation with substituting movie quotes for actual dialogue. I'm as guilty as anyone, and this is what made that switch attractive.)

Anyhoo, don't hate The Eagles. You can hate when "Hotel California" comes on the jukebox at your local bar. But it's a good track, especially as an acoustic version. I remembered that earlier today when driving around with our web guy Nate and his worn copy of Hell Freezes Over.

He mouthed some of the guitar riffs and I excelled with my accompanying "air egg shakers."