Another Round of Record Sales

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Even if you’ve never heard of Kamchatka Vodka, chances are you’ve enjoyed its subtle charms a time or two. The budget-priced booze once again topped the list of most popular labels in Ohio. (Kamchatka—which is actually made in Kentucky, not eastern Russia—is the well vodka at a lot of bars.)

The Ohio Division of Liquor Control reported that for the 2007 fiscal year, which ended June 30, sales of spirits reached $672.7 million, about five percent more than in 2006. It was the ninth straight year of record sales.

That’s good news for the taxman. The state's profit on booze sales rose about 30 percent, to $257.8 million, not including beer and wine.

Record sales aren't just because Ohioans are drinking more, a Liquor Control spokesperson said, but because they’re springing for top-shelf stuff. Ohioans drank 10.2 million gallons of liquor in 2007, about 2.5 percent more than during the previous year but about the same as in 1988.