Apology, arts coverage

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Columbus Alive

Sorry for the lapse in the blog flow this week. We had some server problems that are getting worked out. I apologize.

Anyhoo, this issue of Alive was among the best we've put out this year. Be sure to check out all of our Fall Arts Guide, which contains all the artists and events you need to catch this season.

We patterned the coverage after our Bands to Watch issue, which is always popular and allows us to really highlight some of the best people working in what assistant editor Melissa Starker rightly calls the city's thriving arts landscape.

The five artists are as follows:

Abdi Roble, photographer

Adam Hundt, choreographer

Wynter Whiteside, artist

Franklinton Arts District, organizers

Laura Kuenzli, gallery owner

Click here for Five Events Not to Miss.

The bloggers will be back in action next week, and we'll be welcoming new reporter Britany Kress, who'll be giving online and print readers a great new vantage of arts, news and culture in Columbus.