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First, the bad news...

Romeo Crennel

The list of rant-worthy players on the Cleveland Browns roster became so long during the team's horrendous loss, perhaps the worst since the return in 1999. Dispatch sports reporter James Walker noted:

"The Browns fell to 1-8 in season openers since 1999 and 1-12 in the division under second-year coach Romeo Crennel. It was the Browns' eighth straight loss to Pittsburgh and 14th of 15 overall."


But Sunday's debacle speaks more about the coach - charged with readying a group - than any single player who dropped a pass, fumbled a snap, threw a pick or missed a tackle. I'm sure Cleveland radio is calling for Crennel's head, and rightly so: The smug figure so calm on the sidelines has done nothing to deserve a place at the helm of a cherished NFL franchise.

There's an old saying about horses, streams and changing. The man who coined that phrase likely wasn't riding a horse that had already drowned. I'm all for a change. Things couldn't get any worse.

From The Dispatch: Full story.

Box score and recap

Commentary by Bob Hunter

Big Ten Network

I'll join in the chorus of boos that have rained upon the Big Ten Network, the upstart channel that snagged exclusive rights to air the Buckeyes first two games, its matchup against Kent State and a conference game later in the season.

However, I wonder how long this crazy experiment will last, judging from the lack of advertising that filled spots during the Ohio State showdown with Akron.

I saw no advertising from the following groups, who spend billions pitching their products: cars, alcohol, insurance. Those are the three most common types of products advertised during other football games, and it doesn't look like the BTN has obtained these types of high-paying accounts.

Instead, each spot was filled with one retail ad spot from Buffalo Wild Wings, Cargill agricultural products, US Bank or Polaris recreational vehicles. (There might have been a fifth, but I don't remember seeing it.) Then, there were three spots highlighting the network's second game, post-game coverage and special-analysis programs, as well as the Big Ten Conference plea for sportsmanship.

I'm not ad expert, but that doesn't sound too lucrative.

Now, the good news...

High Beck Tavern

Since moving to German Village several months ago, I've been frequenting the High Beck Tavern, mostly for Indians baseball, beer and bartender Wayne's jolly, off-color insight. (Dude has a mouth on him - and the charm to get away with it.)

Now, though, I'm going for the barbecue.

During the Buckeyes game Saturday afternoon, I had some of Tiny's delectable creations: beef brisket, pulled pork and coleslaw. Most of the barbecue I eat is smothered in a thick, sweet sauce. The meat on this platter, which I couldn't finish during two quarters, was left rather naked, basking in its own succulent marinade.

Spicy, a bit sweet and wholly, unbelievably delicious. Thanks, Tiny.

High Beck Tavern 564 S. High St., German Village 614-224-0886