Lunch Break Links: September 11, 2007

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Columbus Alive

Six years ago today some foul stuff went down, and you should definitely take some time to remember it today. But don't let it get you so down that you can't enjoy the day. Here are some links as usual to lighten the mood. (Then again, if you forgot today was the anniversary of the worst attack ever to hit American soil and have been more focused on 50 vs. Kanye, maybe it's time to get a little sober.)

Anyway, links:

First up, Andy Samberg and Justin Timberlake explain how their Emmy-winning "Dick in a Box" came together.

Check out the trailer for next year's Iron Man.

AV Club interviews Eddie Izzard of The Riches.

Because this blog has become all Kanye all the time, I direct you to this tour of 'Yeezy's house. (via Stereogum)

A court is about to rule whether the FCC overstepped its bounds by fining CBS $550,000 for Janet Jackson's wardrobe malfunction. (via Idolator)

ESPN will begin previewing upcoming albums during Monday Night Football. By the way, I was truly excited for MNF's return last night. So good to have football (and fantasy football!) back in my life.

A few Pop Candy links:

•Check out the 1 Second Film project.

Here's a collision of two of this blog's disparate topics: Rainn Wilson and (women's) soccer.

•They're making a Tron sequel.

If mine wasn't enough, check out Status Ain't Hood's running diary of the VMAs.

Finally, check out this new video from The National. "Apartment Story" is one of the finer tracks from Boxer, one of this year's best.