Ohio Hip-Hop Awards: Vote Now!

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Columbus Alive

The Ohio Hip-Hop Awards will take place next weekend at the Galleria in Cleveland. (I'm a bit surprised that building is still there...)

The annual event is a salute to the best hip-hop artists repping this wonderful state. Bigger names like Bone and Mick Boogie are up for awards, as are newcomers like Slick Watts and Serius ADD.

Part of the selection process involves fan voting, and you can cast your ballot at the homepage. Here are the categories and the current nominees, along with Alive coverage of some Columbus selections:

Best New Artist Sir Slick Watts 100 Proof Corey Bapes Proph the Problem Searius Add Young Ray Catalyst Pooh Guttah Legacy A. Gully Machine Gun Kelly

Best New Group D.O.C. Show Stoppers Hoodlum Bunch Da Kreek ABM Qur'ency Hill Side Boyz J-Squad Vice Versa Royalty Camp Poetic Republic

Best Group RNS State of Mind Good Fellaz Free Agents Bottom Brick Team Tuck AKF Is What Tanya Morgan O.D.O.T. Gotta Husle

Best Male Artist Ray Cash Chip Tha Rippa Al Fatz Copywrite K Riley Lil D R.O.B. Cross Aarophat Cynicus Ill Poetic Cry Baby Gangsta Skent Dukes

Best Mixtape Artist Mo Pacino, "Lyrical Warfare" Team Tuck, “Ohio Representatives” Ray Cash, “Clanging an Swangin” Copywrite, “O.D.O.T. Take Over” Slick Watts, “25 to Life” Sir, “The Campaign” Chubbie Baby, “Chubbie Baby Vol 1” RNS, “We’re a Huge Deal” Serius Add, “Hard Math” Al Fatz, “Expect the Unexpected” Lil D, “Im a Huge Deal” Beat Effeck, “How to be an MC” Cry Baby Gangsta, “The Passion of Cry”

Lyricist of the Year Twisted Mind Copywrite Ill Logic Searius Add Aarophat V'Lez Cataylst Osage Proph the Problem

The full list after the jump...

Best Female Vocalist Unyque Ms. Moone Cali Miles Notice Cha Cha Conya Doss Erica P Middle Child

Best Male Vocalist Seven Lyfe Jennings John Legend Charles Reed Bam Bam Casino Joe Little Dave Tolliver

Best Model Ciandra Nicole Ci Ci Nissay Rachel Lauren Trophy Wife Pheonix Kristyi Hill Cinamin Kizzy Charity Jayce Michaels Milky Porche the Piece Maker MZ. Beautiful

Best Video Corey Bapes - "Bout My Dough" ABM - "What It Dooski" Notice ft. 100 Proof - "On Da Flo" K. Riley - "Dat Boi Cold" Blitz - "Road Less Traveled" Mark Malice ft. Aarophat - "Get That Dough" Cry Baby Gangsta - "Angel" Osage - "Heroe" Tanya Morgan - "We Be"

Best Mixtape DJ DJ E-V, “Bitch im From Cleveland” DJ Mick Boogie, “And Justus for All” DJ Jack Da Rippa, “Go Gettahs Radio 5” DJ G-Spot, “Midwest Invasion Vol. 5” DJ Terry Urban and DJ Mick Boogie, “Unbelievable” DJ Dymepiece, “Heavy Rotation Vol 9.” DJ Step 1, “The Damage is Done” DJ Ice, “E. 99th Style” DJ Know 1, “Best of Boot Camp Click” DJ Pretty Boy Floyd, “Street Stars Vol. 8” DJ Skno, “Sirius Mix 3”

Best Radio DJ DJ Diamond (WIZF) DJ Mick Boogie (WENZ & Sirius) DJ Skno (Sirius) DJ Terry Urban (WENZ & Sirius) DJ G Spot (WBLK, KJMM, Sirius) DJ Fresh (WENZ) DJ Cutmaster Slice (WENZ) DJ Skillz (WIZF)

Best Club DJ DJ Kausion DJ Dimepiece DJ E-V DJ Mick Boogie DJ Terry Urban DJ G-Spot DJ Jack Da Rippa DJ Dommy Styles DJ Stan the Man DJ Skinny Fresh DJ Scratchmaster L DJ Chicago DJ Steph Floss DJ One Tyme DJ Cube DJ Fresh

Best Radio Personality Tara Jay Fresh DJ Jazz DJ One Tyme DJ Dimepiece Charlie Mack Latin Assasin Lucky Penny Eddie Bauer D Lorand Garbs Infinite Blaze and City Big Greg The Notorious F.A.C.E. J Lewis & Cool TLC Robyn Simone

Best Record Label Rulership Records Aristokrat Records 220 Records Garnett Entertainment Dream Life O.D.O.T. Records Weightless Records Certified Hustlaz School House Productions

Best Battle Rapper TUT Iron Solomon Osage Mongoose Searius Add Meta4ce Young Sup Zero Drastic Skrill Gates

Promotion Company School House Productions In The Way Marketing The Main Dealer 8081 Promotions Word of Mouth Promotions Hitmen Productions Bridgeway Productions Added Bonus Entertainment T.C. Ent. Real Muzak On The Rocks ESP Enterprises Nappyhead Inc Maynstream

Best Producer J Rawls 4th Disciple The Kickdrums Rock Tight The Blackheads Young Yonny 6’1 Phatty Banks Lollipop 2 Fly Macniff RjD2 Hi-Tek Matlock Garbs Infinite JP

Best Album Good Fellaz, “Life after the Hype” K Riley, “Incredible” Dem Cleveland Boyz, “Cleveland Boyz Vol 1” Blitz, “Double Consciousness” Kenny Ali, “Def Before Dishonor” Cross, “Street Cred Vol.1” Corey Bapes, “In A Class of My Own” Ill Poetic, “The World is Ours” Conya Doss, “Love Rain Down” Mark Malice, “Audio Smack: Son of James Vol. 1” Play Havoc, “All Things Due” Varsity Club, “Freshman 15” Tanya Morgan, “Moonlighting”

Single of the Year Chip da Rippa ft Al Fatz, "Get it Gurl" Ray Cash, "Get Ya Hustle Up" Chubby Baby ft. Lil Wayne and Jeulz Santana, "Oh Yeah" ABM Officialz, "What it Dooski" Copywrite, "We are (O.H.I.O)" Cross, "1 Neck 2 Chains" AKF, "No Nuts No Glory" K. Riley, "Dat Boi Cold" Corey Bapes, "Bout My Dough" Slick Watts ft. Termanology, "Hip Hop" Bone Thugs-n-Harmony ft. Akon, “ I Tried” Drastic, "L.A.M.E." Showtime, Breathin’ Big Keyz ft. Al Fatz, "I Look Good"

Best Magazine Intro Magazine Scribble Magazine Talk of Cleveland ½ and ½ Magazine G3 Magazine

Best Live Performance Machine Gun Kelly Jimmi Pynk Cross Slick Watts RNS Blueprint Corey Bapes Yung Millionaires Go Live Grizzlies Skittlez Ill Disciples Ill Eagle Odot Osage State Of Mind Lil Chico

Best Website Ohiorap.com Hiphopcolumbus.com Mickboogie.com Thecyphercolumbus.com Firstclasshiphop.com Ohsopro.myzipbiz.com clevelandpaparazzi.com Cincyhiphop.com Omnimix.com cleveland-underground-hip-hop.com Hardcorejamz.com

Best College Radio Show The Players Ball ft. DLorand Beauty and the Beats ft. Tara A Shot of Rum ft. J Lewis & Cool TLC Hip Hop on the 216 Block ft. DJ Tech Wrecka BPRN ft. Zaire B-Boy Underground ft. G Fresh 2 the Break-A-Dawn ft. Upwards The Butters ft. Garbs KG Beat ft. DJ Cripple The Sunday Transition

Best Graffiti Artist Pork Hide Hek Lost Dizer Prae Sypher Gamble When SIN

Best B-Boy Herby Swift Ali Chew Boogie Brooks Tony Fresh Bboy Spastik Render Class Elusive Bnoy

Best Retail Spot Nooks Cd Game Exchange 360 Studios A&I Music Next Hot Spot Music Remix Joy of Music Hard 2 Knock 2 Live Music Downtown Music