Lunch Break Links: September 14, 2007

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Columbus Alive

I'd like to wish my parents an early Happy Anniversary. And with that, on to today's links:

Prefuse 73's Guillermo Scott Herren lists his favorite things for Pitchfork.

Master P hopes the 13-year-olds of the world can forgive him for his lyrical misdeeds.

With The Brave One's release, everybody's writing about revenge movies, from Slate to our own Melissa Starker.

AV Club explains why MTV's retreat from music videos still hurts. Interesting comment from the other direction, though: "Longing for the days of centralized, mass-media direction for something as essential as music is the most backwards-thinking thing I've seen on this site in a while."

Suburbs sums up the first season of Flight of the Conchords well.

More after the jumppppp...

Some takes from TV Tattle:

•A plurality of Americans picked MacGyver as their go-to hero in disaster situations.

•The makers of Thirtysomething and My So-Called Life have a new show called Quarterlife (filling in the gap between their other two shows, I guess), and, having been rejected by ABC, they're going to air it on MySpace.

•The building from the UK version of The Office is being razed.

John Ross will appreciate this rejection of the Weeds theme on the same grounds that he rejects the show. (Although the writer would seem to argue with his take on the show itself.) Of course, some people like "Little Boxes."

•And whoa, James Gandolfini (that's Tony Soprano to you, wiseguy) is going to star as Jim Jones (the cult leader, not the Dipset rapper) in an HBO miniseries.

Who are the 20 greatest big screen comic book heroes?

Check out this remix with Clipse rapping over Kanye West's "Flashing Lights."

Paper Thin Walls takes us inside the making of a cool Menomena video.

And a few from Pop Candy to finish us out:

•Some sort of online game related to The Office seems to be in the works.

•This new Ricky Gervais movie sounds intriguing.

The OC's Rachel Bilson will appear in Josh Schwartz's new show Chuck.

•Finally, every time I think The Onion might have lost a step, they drop something awesome like this.