Lunch Break Links: September 17, 2007

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Columbus Alive

(Lots of 30 Rock stuff after the jump today, so click down there.)

It's influential icon day; Pitchfork talks to Lou Reed and Spin interviews quotemonger Thurston Moore. And wow, Thurston is 49?!?

Continuing the hipster Hall & Oates renaissance, electro/hip-hop act Chromeo will collaborate with Daryl and John on their next LP.

A fire broke out at the Austin City Limits festival.

Stylus examines how various indie labels are adjusting to the digital age.

Slate asks, in horror, "Is Perez Hilton the new Barbara Walters?"

Haven't heard from Eminem in a while—and last time we did, it wasn't pretty—but he's working on something new.

I have been saying something like this for years, or at least I used to say it when I was in college: 1997 might be the next 1967.

Much more after the jump...

Broken Social Scene's Kevin Drew releases his first solo album this week. PopMatters speaks with him about it.

That record is streaming at Spinner along with new releases from Rogue Wave, Eddie Vedder and more.

Largehearted Boy wants to tell you about this week's interesting CD releases and interesting DVD releases.

And from the LHB linksplosion: John Darnielle talks about the upcoming Mountain Goats record and Cracked lists the worst album titles ever.

Check this trailer for the Notorious B.I.G. documentary Bigger Than Life.

Apparently My Chemical Romance, Dashboard Confessional and Taking Back Sunday constitute "rock veterans."

Billboard's inaugural Woman of the Year is Reba McEntire.

M.I.A.: Censored by Letterman!

Finally, a bevy of links from Pop Candy:

The pilot for NBC's Chuck is up at Yahoo.

30 Rock's Jack McBrayer (Kenneth) appears in this video for, and Television Without Pity interviews the show's Scott Adsit (Pete).

Finally, in the most cutesy news of the day, somebody came up with a recipe for Bret McKenzie's "lasagna for one."