Weekend Rants and Raves

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Columbus Alive

The Cleveland Browns

Thought I'd be raving about my team this week, lauding their explosive victory over the Cincinnati Bengals? Figured I'd get all soft after Sunday's 51-48 victory?


This is exactly why the Browns are so maddening to millions of fans around the world: Their periodic flashes of brilliance hint at good times that never resurface. Browns Backers from Columbus to Kuwait exist mostly to lament this ultimate tragedy.

The team might not win another game this season - though I now know we could, and should, under different circumstances and with better luck. That makes losing even worse.

Why pick on only one of the pharmaceutical companies pushing erectile dysfunction products? Because this product uses the most ridiculous images to sell.

Yeah, older couples sitting together in bath tubs placed in non-traditional resort areas. What's up with that?

Is this what I have to look forward to in old age? Exotic tub-sitting? The Baby Boomers, the target market in question, helped shed the practice of separate beds for husbands and wives. Now they're bathing separate tubs.

Also: Are these people bringing the heavy, clawfoot tubs to the Maine coastline or the Arizona desert by themselves? If so, maybe they should exert less energy on remote bathing and more on other things. You know, the things that the pills are produced to help.

Good Lord.

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At my friend's wedding, set along the Cuyahoga River, I realized why I love Cleveland. It's gritty and dirty and industrial, but it feels like a city. Even when the streets clear out after 5 p.m., it still feels like it matters.

It was cold by the water, but it felt like home.

Side question: Does Columbus feel like a big town to anyone else? I love this place, but it's never felt like a big city to me?