Lunch Break Links: September 18, 2007

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Columbus Alive

And by the way, it seems Mary-Louise Parker adopted an African baby.

Embattled former Libertine/Kate Moss beau Pete Doherty has found a new vocation: coaching soccer.

Want to see video of kids singing "Stereo" by Pavement? Don't blame me if it's too cutesy to handle.

Does anybody really want to see another Sex Pistols reunion?

I would, however, be up for checking out a Shudder to Think reunion.

TV Guide has an interview with George Lucas.

Suburbs reminds me of a show I used to really enjoy, Sports Night.

In The New York Times, Fox explains why it censored actors during the Emmys on Sunday night. (And based on this recap, I'm ever so glad I did not watch.)

New York Magazine wonders "What stressed out Meg White?" (causing the White Stripes to cancel their fall tour) and offers a list of possibilities.

PopMatters is counting down the 100 best country songs this week.

Peter Bjorn and John know how to capitalize on their newfound fame... by releasing an all-instrumental record! Yeah!

Zack de la Rocha finished his solo album, and it only took him seven or eight years and one Rage reunion to do it.

Pop Candy's podcast interviews Glenn Howerton of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Also, Whitney supplies this link:

Tracy Morgan wasn't too fond of Jimmy Fallon.

Finally, (via LHB) R Kelly lists "music you should hear" for