Lunch Break Links: September 19, 2007

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Columbus Alive

...and for this one. You can now play Scrabble online at!

Big TV news: Tony Almeida is officially back on 24 next season because his "uncertain fate... left the door open for his return." I'm not sure if this is extremely lame or extremely awesome.

What to make of these nominees for the mtvU "Woodies"? Idolator says this only confirms the suspicion that Lil Wayne is now blog rock.

AV Club interviews Slash.

In the latest confirmation that Idiocracy is an important, prophetic movie, the dude who made the tearful "Leave Britney Alone" video is getting his own TV show.

Drowned in Sound has a Black Lips tour diary.

Here are a few links from the ever-valuable TV Tattle:

Tina Fey gives details behind Jerry Seinfeld's appearance on 30 Rock.

•So that's why The Wire's ratings are so bad...

•...and is that show better than The Sopranos? Salon wonders.

Thanks to Paste for pointing out that Deerhoof released a free mp3 album. You should read the tour diary posted below the mp3s; it's good to find out avant-gardey types like Deerhoof have no problem also loving mainstream legends like Radiohead and the Flaming Lips. The Deerhoof crew seems totally awesome.

While Status Ain't Hood pontificates on the death of BET's Rap City, The TV Addict says goodbye to the best summer of TV in memory.

Finally, Wes Anderson's is doing a commercial for AT&T, and hopefully it's as awesome as this: