Save Friday Night Lights

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

I think I've made my position on this pretty clear, but I might as well join Bill Simmons in this rallying cry one more time: Save Friday Night Lights! As ESPN's Sports Guy notes in his most recent magazine column, FNL is the best sports-related show ever. And, as has been repeated ad nauseam for months, it's hardly just a sports show. In fact, it's in the running with Lost and a few others for the best drama on network TV.

Unfortunately, the show struggled mightily in the ratings throughout its debut season. Nobody wanted to give it a chance: Sports fans thought it looked too soapy, soap fans thought it looked too sportsy and discerning TV fans thought "A primetime soap about high school football? I'll pass." Only extreme fan love and critical acclaim has allowed the show to last as long as it has.

Now the show is buried in a deadly Friday night timeslot, where only a groundswell of new fans will keep it on the air past Christmas. Before it returns Oct. 5, you owe it to yourself to give FNL a shot. Watch every episode for free online or drop a mere $20 ($20!!!!!!!!!!!) on the full DVD set. Did I mention there's a money-back guarantee?

I don't care which method you choose. Just watch the show. You won't regret it, and you'll be helping keep one of the great shows of our time on the air.