What To Do Tonight: Free rock, Celtic punk or slightly better than average reality TV

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

The weeknight rock shows keep coming tonight, headlined by a free, four-band blowout at Skully's, 1151 N. High St. In what basically functions as a showcase for the revived Datapanik Records, The Rackets (power pop/rock), Triceratops (hardcore/punk), Absolute Magnitude (punk as f***) and Bush League All Stars (rootsy, grungy rock) will appear at the glitzy rock/dance club, starting around 10 p.m. Bush League leads things off, then work backward through the rest of the list. Did I mention it's free?

John Ross would also recommend the Dropkick Murphys show at Newport Music Hall. Everybody Out! and Horrorpops join the Celtic punks for the show. Doors open at 7 p.m.; admission is $22.

If you are into the trials and travails of Tyra, you probably already know that the new season of America's Next Top Model begins tonight on the CW (8 p.m.). That network's other big premiere, Gossip Girl (9 p.m.), deserves at least one watch from any closet OC fans (and certainly for those of us who openly watched the teen soap).

Also making its debut tonight is the much-hyped Kid Nation (8 p.m., CBS) which, I admit, I'm DVRing, and the Kelsey Grammer comeback show Back To You (8 p.m., Fox), which I will also give a shot, although it looks awfully pedestrian.

The real TV goods, apparently, aren't coming back until next week.