Lunch Break Links: September 21

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Columbus Alive

Nah Right has the first leaked track from that new Jay-Z album. Status Ain't Hood explains why we should give Jay another chance after Kingdom Come and a year of mostly lazy guest verses.

And if you want a new Bone Thugs song with Bizzy Bone back in the mix, XXL can do that for ya.

Keeping with the hip-hop theme, The LA Times has an interview with Dr. Dre. (via Nah Right)

EW has a preview of Heroes' second season.

Pitchfork's Resonant Frequency joins the large crowd of writers analyzing LCD Soundsystem's incredible "All My Friends" (and the John Cale cover).

Stylus takes a look at band logos.

It would crush me if Stephen Colbert was a joke thief.

Watch with Kristin has an interview with The Office producer Greg Daniels.

On a similar note of exasperation, how is it possible that the Libertines have enough material to release a best-of comp?

Halo 3 comes out next week. Get ready to hear about it all weekend.

Smashing Pumpkins posted a bunch of free bootlegs from old concerts at their website.

Stereogum has a new Jens Lekman video for "Sipping on Sweet Nectar."

Gorilla Vs. Bear presents "Austin City Limits in Polaroids."

Go to to predict which new shows will succeed and get prizes for it.

Finally, check out this trailer for Southland Tales, the years-in-the-making follow-up to Donnie Darko from director Richard Kelly: