Song of the Day: Snowblynd

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Artist: Snowblynd Track: "Little Miss Misery" Album: Dirty Water


Hailing from Columbus, but delving into the mythology of the American South in similar ways as Lyrnyrd Skynryd, Molly Hatchet and Charlie Daniels, Snowblynd has picked gained national recognition with tracks from their debut album.

Currently, singles from Dirty Water are appearing regularly on, an internet radio site, and the five-piece outfit is playing across the state throughout October.

Now this is Southern rock, with twang and grit and a bit of a drawl, and all those things are dangerous nowadays. Why? Because people who fear country music can lump everything with twang into a gaping black hole.

But this music here rests squarely apart from the likes of Toby Keith. Sample a few tracks, and you'll see that this band seems to have some of the same problem rockists and other music fans have with contemporary country - even the popular singles claiming to be influenced by rock 'n' roll.

Their music, which has been expertly produced and stands ready-to-blare, deals with rural settings, the mighty Mississippi, guts, blood and gasoline. But the Columbus band is smart about it, and the melodies ring out with a one-two punch of distorted guitar and the vocals of frontman Brad Williams.

On tracks like "Little Miss Misery" and "Dirty Water," the band manages to avoid the melodramatic mall-core of Nickelback and the boots-'n'-gravy nonsense of most mainstream country music. The results are a handful of decent tracks perfect for a late night at a local saloon.