Lunch Break Links: September 25, 2007

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Stylus' series on Diamond records takes on Hootie and the Blowfish's Cracked Rear View. I bought one of those 16 million copies.

AV Club has an interview with Willem Dafoe.

Jack Bauer may be able to drive all the way across Los Angeles in 15 minutes, but Keifer Sutherland apparently can't even make it home without getting arrested on suspicion of DUI.

EW wonders why the hip-hop community hasn't spoken up more loudly on the Jena 6 case and in the process delves into some other questions worth asking.

Wait, I'm confused. Is Irv Gotti actually getting a reality show, or is Nah Right joking? The trailer looks pretty interesting (and pretty legit), but it's full of uncensored profanity, which makes me think it might be a joke. Silly me trying to write about hip-hop.

And silly Congress for trying to hold hearings on hip-hop! Idolator is live-blogging those sure-to-be-ridiculous proceedings, and you can watch along if you dare.

Canada has this new award called the Polaris Music Prize, and it went to some dude called Patrick Wilson over several well-known entrants.

You want new indie rock videos? Stereogum has clips from Annuals, Super Furry Animals and Laura Viers.

Pitchfork's Poptimist has a look at an intriguing advertisement from across the pond.

Amazon's MP3 store is open for business.

Slate chimes in on the ethics and etiquette of social networking sites.

Check out this promo for the 30 Rock premiere with Jerry Seinfeld:

And after the jump, enjoy a promo for the final season of The Wire, a "trailer" for Jay-Z's "Blue Magic" and Les Savy Fav's video for "The Equestrian," starring video contest winner "Bunny."


The Wire:

Les Savy Fav: