Lunch Break Links: September 28, 2007 PLUS thoughts on last night's Office

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The nominees for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's class of 1982 are out. Stereogum, predictably, has objections.

Here's something unusual: A photo gallery of Taliban soldiers striking effeminate poses.

The latest Random Roles features Leslie Mann, who you might know as Paul Rudd's wife in Knocked Up.

Martin Scorsese is doing a documentary on the late George Harrison. seems ready to announce something big tomorrow morning at 10. Pitchfork pontificates. UPDATE: The site is a hoax.

Quentin Tarantino is considering a foray into erotic film. Suburbs is nonplussed.

Nah Right has a Kenna outtake featuring Nas and a new Lupe Fiasco video.

A few TV Tattle links:

•Nielsen is tripling the number of people it samples to obtain TV ratings.

Meet Project Runway's season 4 designers.

Lost Season 3 bloopers!

I'm totally down with more Office coverage from EW. How about a cover story and its leftover scraps? And why not throw in a TV Watch of last night's premiere?

My thoughts on the Office premiere after the jump (spoilers included, of course).

The relationship has also made for a new Pam. She's dressing sexier and has let her hair down, literally. She's more confident and basically an all-around better person. Again, it's fun to watch this Pam in action, but there's a sneaking feeling that she's done growing as a character. I'll give the writers the benefit of the doubt that they will find ways to develop her character. (Good thing I'm not writing this show.)

Had this been a midseason episode, I would have been pretty satisfied with it, but compared with "The Dundees" and "Gay Witch Hunt," the last two season premieres, it fell short. I think the culprit is the hour-long episodes. The show works better in tight, 30-minute segments. NBC's order for four hour-long episodes to start the season might have spread the writers a bit thin. I'm not ready to throw a fit, but if the show hasn't stepped up its game by Christmas, I'll be worried. (Then again, Lost got much better at the end of last season, so maybe I shouldn't worry...)

A few stray observations:

•I noticed Angela is looking more attractive as well. They've really prettied up the cast since Season 1.

•Ryan as evil corporate "wunderkind"=awesome.

•Jan as insane homebody=not awesome.

•It's starting to bother me that so many characters are in relationships with each other. I'd say more about this, but I'm out of time right now.