Nature Notes: Going Green

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Columbus Alive

Three Things to Help the Environment

I went into the press screening of The 11th Hour, a global -warming documentary, like most people who have been bombarded by environmental pleas and feel powerless to help. Personally, I've always loved the environment - and want to help it now - but didn't know where to start.

Small, most will say, start small. As several experts in the film argued, we don't need to abandon possessions and move into the woods. We just need to be aware of what we can do, pressure corporations and government officials to make needed green changes and slightly alter the way we currently live.

Here are the three things I've started to do. It's not much, but it's a start.

1. Recycle After a trip to the German Village Society, in my neighborhood, I found that I can walk bags of recycling over to a local drop. If you live in Columbus, it's likely there's one by your house too. Since I started separating plastic, aluminum and paper into bags, I've cut my amount of weekly curb trash in half.

2. Composting My backyard is small, but even the limited plot has room for a compost heap. I've found good pointers here and here, and I'm sure the Growing to Green Program at Franklin Park Conservatory will answer any questions you might have about composting locally.

3. Limiting oil consumption My car gets about 30 miles to the gallon, so I've tried to limit my driving to 30 miles each week. Of course, this is easier when you live in the city, since I can walk to bars, stores and work. It's still a challenge, but I've tried to walk even more, ride the bus and carpool.

Also:Alive is running a green issue later this month. We're looking for your insight into pressing issues facing the environment. Like these suggestions above, we're looking for ways - simple and complex - to help the Earth. Comment on this blog, or contact me here to share your thoughts.

Thanks in advance.