Telemarketers may harass you next year!!!!

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Columbus Alive

You know the calm silence you've come to relish at dinnertime? Yeah, well, expect that to become cluttered again with the harsh ringing of your phone if you don't register on the "do not call" list that governs which numbers telemarketers call to sell their wares.

Wait, you're saying, didn't I already do that? Probably, but you've got to do it again.

The Associated Press reported earlier this month, "Numbers placed on the federal registry, begun in June 2003, are valid for five years. For the millions of people who signed onto the list in its early days, their numbers will automatically drop off beginning in June if they do not enroll again."

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Seems odd to keep having to tell someone to leave you alone. The five-year period was to account for changes - for example, if someone moved into an apartment with an established phone number. Rep. Mike Doyle, a Democrat from Pennsylvania, has introduced legislation to make your registration permanent.

Kudos to him.

For now, to put your cell or home number on the list, click to or call 800-382-1222.