Quarter Masters

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

I dropped a lot of quarters in arcade videogames in my day -- come to think of it, it's still my day, and I'm still feeding the Galaga machine at St. James Tavern whenever I can.

The old-school games are much simpler than today's new-fangled pixelated epics, but that doesn't mean they're easier to play. Galaga is straightforward -- one joystick, one fire button, shoot at the repeating rows of aliens -- but it's also a rigorous test of finger-pressing stamina, reaction time and eye-hand coordination. Easy to play, hard to master, as they say -- that's why I love it. (That's also why the old arcade machines are great in bars -- you can literally feel the beer doing its job as your reflexes slow.)

Anyway, it's great to see the documentary "The King of Kong" give old-school gamers their due. Melissa Starker had a chance to talk to Ed Cunningham -- the film's producer and an ESPN personality. Naturally, they met at St. James for some classic Galaga action. Check it out.