What To Do Tonight: Push daisies, say so what?

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Out of everywhere you could be out on the town tonight, the best would be So What Wednesdays, the weekly throwdown at Cafe Bourbon Street, 2216 Summit St. DJ Detox and DJ Pos 2 spin records every Wednesday with occasional special guests. Blueprint hosts.

Show up early and enjoy one of town's best new happy hour specials. If you frequent the rock shows at Bobo St., you undoubtedly already know about Mr. Peeper's Pizza, the restaurant that moved into the front of the bar where Taco Ninja used to be. You might not know, however, about the sweet happy hour deal they offer. From 5-9 p.m., you can get a personal-sized cheese pizza, a can of PBR and a shot for $5.50. You read that right! So stop on in there if you're hungry this evening. (By the way, the cheese is decent, but you've got to forgo the happy hour deal some time and try their other offerings. I've only had the Finnegan's Bake so far, and it was wondrous.)

Otherwise, not much I'm excited about is happening. Sound Tribe Sector 9 is at Newport ($20, 7:30 doors), and if you feel like braving the bowels of Bernie's, 1896 N. High St., I hear good things about the Luxury Pushers. (Or was that the Luxury Flats? Who can keep track?)

Now for the night's real strength: TV.

Pushing Daisies, the most critically acclaimed new series of the fall, premieres tonight at 8 on ABC. The show follows a piemaker who discovers he has a magic touch that can bring the dead back to life, but if he ever touches the person again, they return to the grave. He brings back his one true love, and their romance is supposed to be wonderfully touching. I'm looking forward to it.

The Top Chef finale is also tonight at 10 on Bravo. I haven't kept tabs on this season as in seasons past, but word on the street is a fellow named Hung is the favorite in an increasingly close race.

Also at 10, Comedy Central's offensive bloc—South Park and The Sarah Silverman Program—kicks off a new season. And don't write off NBC's Life, also at 10 p.m., which I hear great things about.