Lunch Break Links: October 4, 2007

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Columbus Alive

So that Wu-Tang song doesn't technically sample the Beatles after all; it's an "interpolation." Confused? Hear it for yourself.

A couple interesting Pitchfork interviews: Daft Punk and Kevin Drew. (That new Drew/Broken Social Scene album is the bee's knees.)

In the wake of that Ian MacKaye death farce, Stylus revisits Fugazi's Steady Diet of Nothing.

The folks at Paper Thin Walls are gaga over this ridiculous video from the group UnkleJam.

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A few Pop Candy links:

J.J. Abrams is developing a new show.

MTV has an interview with Michel Gondry about his new Be Kind Rewind.

The next Katherine Heigl movie isn't looking as good as Knocked Up.

The most you can pay for the new Radiohead album is $205.81 (or £99.99).

The new AIM allows Windows users to listen to songs from their buddies' libraries.

Kate Flannery's The Office blog has been updated at TV Guide.

This Patton Oswalt interview is kind of fun.

The Rolling Stones' last tour grossed more than half a billion dollars. Speaking of which, New York Magazine has a history of blatantly nostalgic concert cash-ins.

Finally, is Cavemen "the essence of dude culture"? As someone who always strives for Total Dude Status, I hope not.