The Post does Columbus

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Seems like everybody wants to write about Columbus these days. The New York Times ran features on the Drexel and the Short North recently; now The Washington Post has joined the club, deeming our city "a full-blown metropolis."

The piece is overwhelming positive and not condescending, which is a surprise given the usual tone when outsiders describe Ohio's capital. And reporter Andrea Sachs stopped at two of my favorite hangouts, Surly Girl Saloon and The Blue Danube (yes, the freakin' Dube!) during her one-day stay, so of course I liked the story. Sachs also traveled by Skybus, tried the Lynn Alley Market and visited the Columbus Zoo, all elements of town I'm proud of.

I do have one gripe, though. Carefully examine this description of Surly Girl's Punk Rock Aerobics:

"For about an hour, eight of us hopped, stretched and crunched abs on the wood floor. Neither instructor really knew what she was doing: Amanda Waluzak frequently fell back on her geek-jogging-in-place move, while bar co-owner Marcy Mays regressed to her wild groupie days, head wagging and limbs flailing as if she were front row at a Ramones show."

It's pretty funny that she deemed Marcy Mays a groupie considering she's in one of the most successful Columbus bands ever.