Lunch Break Links: October 5, 2007

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Columbus Alive

Is Peter Jackson coming back to Middle Earth to direct The Hobbit after all?

Status Ain't Hood has his quarterly lists of favorite albums and singles.

Check out Pretzels: A Slate Investigation.

Pitchfork's Chris Dahlen compares the blockbuster release of Halo 3 to a waning record industry, suggesting lessons CD pushers could learn from the video game biz, in his excellent Get That Out Of Your Mouth column. "Halo succeeded where Kanye and Fiddy failed because it was first and foremost a social experience."

Speaking of the record industry, they just won a court case against a Minnesota woman for sharing songs on Kazaa. ($222,000 in damages! How is that rational?)

That begins a stretch of several links lifted straight from Idolator. Here goes...

•Among these covers is Foo Fighters doing "Band on the Run," which seems just about right.

•Ticketmaster or online ticket brokers: Who's worse?

Hypem has a new Bloc Party track.

Spin put together a punk radio station at Slacker Radio. Three songs in, their definition of punk includes Mission of Burma, the Mr. T Experience and Sunny Day Real Estate, which I can get down with. (via Paper Thin Walls)

Quick set of Pop Candy links:

30 Rock wasn't the first time Jerry Seinfeld has guested on an NBC sitcom.

More Cloverfield clues!

•Here's a cool Darjeeling Limited contest that could win you a trip to India.

•Here's another new J.J. Abrams series.

•And here's the 10 most incomprehensible Bob Dylan interviews.

USA Today has a feature on Friday Night Lights. "Sexy young stars"! Doesn't that make you want to watch?

Finally, you have to see this footage of 17-year-old Biggie rapping on a streetcorner. As Idolator (yes, them again) notes, "Someone needs to sit the also-17-years-old Soulja Boy down with this clip (originally from an MTV or VH1 documentary, if my Swiss cheese memory serves?) of the teenaged Biggie Smalls freestyling on a BK street corner, and give him the Ludovico until he promises to step his game up or quit." (via Banana Nutrament)