Lunch Break Links: October 8, 2007

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Columbus Alive

Speaking of which, the new releases streaming at Spinner this week include Jens, plus Band of Horses, Enon and more.

On that tip, Largehearted Boy's Interesting CD and DVD releases for the week are up.

Stylus has a think piece by Chris Dahlen, whose Pitchfork column I linked to on Friday. He explores the idea of the rock star, its apparent extinction and whether it's good for musicians to aspire to stardom in the first place.

Suburbs counts down 10 songs that need to be stricken from karaoke playlists. (Remember when we did that with jukebox songs?)

EW (and Nah Right, and Vibe, and some others) got a preview of the new Jay-Z album-in-progress, and it's got me pretty excited.

Joss Whedon is directing another episode of The Office, and it sounds kind of high-stakes.

Arcade Fire's show Friday was great. The website they unveiled Saturday? It's OK, I guess.

Facebook is working on a music platform, so soon you can get annoying friend requests from bands on MySpace and Facebook.

Jump with me...

NY Times has a feature about casting for the Notorious B.I.G. biopic.

Forest Whitaker is directing and executive producing an FX series about arms dealers.

USA is doing a TV version of Thank You For Smoking.

Friday Night Lights got off to a good start in the ratings last week (and, as you'll read in the paper, a good start in terms of quality as well). E! paid a visit to the set.

Gridskipper has a map of real and fake locations from Mad Men.

The winner of Rock of Love has already dumped Bret Michaels.

Interview's website includes, among other things, a conversation between David Cronenberg and Viggo Mortensen.

Ah yes, the much-debated "Pitchfork effect."

Finally, here's footage of Spoon doing "You Got Yr Cherry Bomb" on SNL: