Lunch Break Links: October 10, 2007

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Columbus Alive

Radiohead's In Rainbows is officially available now (in 160 kbps MP3, sorry audiophiles) and Pitchfork assembled a user's guide for the album. Also, lots of people rushed to be first to chime in. (Oh, here's some more.)

Stereogum has a premiere of a new song by Land of Talk, who you might recall I raved about back in May. (I'll always remember their show because right after their set, LeBron went on his ridiculous 29-of-the-team's-last-30-points run in Game 5 against the Pistons and changed all our lives forever. The poor Rosebuds lost half their already paltry audience at Little Brother's as we huddled at the bar, glued to the TV...) Anyway, Land of Talk rules.

AV Club continues its Wes Anderson splurge by interviewing the man himself. Seeing The Darjeeling Limited tomorrow, suckas!

USA Today has a story on new TV shows that may be in trouble.

As for old shows that might be in trouble, here's some 24 news: Keifer Sutherland is taking extra jail time for his DUI rather than disrupt the already-disrupted production schedule (wow, I thought Hollywood stars always got out of these situations with a slap on the wrist), and the lovely Kim Raver had a baby.

I guess having two Pablo Escobar movies is OK as long as neither one stars Vincent Chase (or Adrien Grenier for that matter).

Ooh, check out PopMatters' feature on The Best of TV on DVD.

Check out Blender's list of the worst lyricists of all time.

Speaking of crap, is Slate really suggesting that Americans should eat more poop?

David Byrne performed with a senior citizens choir in New York.

PopWatch has some interesting tidbits from an interview with John C. Reilly.

Good point, Idolator. This list is not helping anybody.

Finally, this Oxford American article about how the "hype machine" affects our music intake is essential reading, says Paper Thin Walls. I haven't gotten the chance to form my own verdict just yet.