Lunch Break Links: October 12, 2007

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Columbus Alive

I can't get too excited about Portishead, but since I bet some of you care, they are mixing a new album.

Intensities In Ten Suburbs is throwing a Radiohead week, remembering various pop cultural vignettes about the band. Day 1 recalls their South Park appearance, and Day 2 examines the "Just" video and lists some underrated rarities.

By the way, this is real In Rainbows cover art. Also, a couple days ago New York's Gothamist blog spoke with guitarist Jonny Greenwood.

One more thing... sales are (allegedly) big. Really big.

Slate asks, if Hollywood's writers walk out, as they're threatening to do, would you notice? (The article says if the writers do go on strike, NBC might air reruns of Curb Your Enthusiasm and the UK Office, so that would be pretty sweet.)

Justin Timberlake is the first artist since Shania Twain to have six top-40 hits off the same album.

Happy Curtis Day! Cuuuuuuuurtiiiissss! (Confused? See jump.)

Dr. Dre told GQ he still blazes trees.

Lost fans, your despised Michelle Rodriguez is going to jail for six months. Also this guy was cast as the guy on the boat who Jack contacted with Naomi's satellite phone.

Here's an interview with Broken Social Scene's Kevin Drew, courtesy of LHB.

The fathers of the MP3 won the Nobel Prize? Huh.

Finally, Jay-Z's "Blue Magic" video:

Actually, a couple more videos after the jump...

And in honor of Curtis day, the one and only "Curtis Part 2" (NSFW):