Song of the Day: Phunk Junkeez

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Columbus Alive

Artist: Phunk Junkeez Track: "In the Summertime" Album: Hydro Phonic


I got a new Phunk Junkeez record in the mail last month, and as I filed the press release, I thought fondly back to my days in middle school, when some older skate kids I idolized listened to these guys. Though owning no album by the band, Phunk Junkeez was a name I often dropped.

"Yeah, you know, I listen to all different stuff - Dre, Snoop, Phunk Junkeez," I might have said. Or, "Hell, yeah, those guys are dope. You know the Phunk Junkeez?" In middle school, I recall writing the name of the band on folder. Weird.

In my younger years, I proved to be quite good at gleaning a fact and implying I know great deals about it. That's how you survive when you're eager to enter world years beyond you.

So now, at age 26, I'm sitting down to listen for the first time to a band I feel like I've known for years. Phunk Junkeez, I've learned, play a classic style of rap-rock - which means I'm not that far behind at all.

Borrowing from Kid Rock, 311 and others who I actually heard years ago, the group mixes a white B-boy attitude with raps about partying, being bros and lukewarm politics. Their latest album is Hydro Phonic and was probably written on weed, Get it, hydro phonic? Like hydro ponic. This is largely a reason I adopted them years ago: They seemed like badasses, but in a fun, juvenile way.

The record sounds exactly how I thought it would. Kind of catchy, but nothing you'd ever play for a girlfriend. (Side question: Would the members of Phunk Junkeez, who are semi-famous musicians, ever play their stuff for a girl they liked? If so, would they score?)

I was ready to give it a fairly easy pass - nostalgia works like that - until their horrendous cover of "In the Summertime," a transformation of the Mungo Jerry classic into a song about what would likely prove to be the most awful house party of all time.

They would be plenty of Jaegermeister, and the person pictured above (taken from the Junkeez website) would be spinning trax on his iPod.