That's much better

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Columbus Alive

Not sure if this was a clever Photoshop job or a change of heart by LeBron James, and I don't really care. This is a much better look for the Cleveland Cavaliers star.

If you're not as adamant about Cleveland sports as I am, the hubbub about LeBron started during the Cleveland Indians game against the New York Yankees in the ALDS. LeBron wore a navy blue Yankees cap. (The one with the devilish "NY" logo on it.) When asked about it, he said he likes the Yankees.

Like most celebrity d-bag moves, his prompted many questions.

Does he need attention? Does he really not like the Tribe? Has he sold his soul to Satan for a better jump shot (reportedly now devastating from much off-season practice)? Does he really want to go to New York, or, as DeVille argues, does he want to win wherever he is?

I don't really care. Right now, the Indians need all or support. They play tonight in Cleveland at 7 p.m. The game airs on Fox. [Game info]