Lunch Break Links: October 16, 2007

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Rivers Cuomo is putting out a solo album.

In Stylus's Playing God feature, Andrew Unterberger combines tracks from U2's Pop and Zooropa into one superior album.

EW's Simon Vozick-Levinson is struggling to make sense of T.I.'s arrest. Status Ain't Hood, which has thankfully returned, wonders if T.I. is an idiot.

Haven't posted about Kanye for a while. Here's a cut of him rapping on "A Million and One Questions" from the Jay-Z Reasonable Doubt tribute album. By the way, the American Gangster tracklist is official.

Ghostface vs. Wu is not a feud I want to see spiraling out of control. Who knows how many shaolin knives could be thrown?

MP3 finder Hype Machine has built a new site, but it won't launch until 10,000 people are viewing it at once, so get clicking!

Some TV Tattle links:

•NBC news anchor Brian Williams will host SNL.

•Meanwhile, Jay Leno doesn't want to budge for Conan.

•Forget K-Ville; The Wire's David Simon has plans to take on post-Katrina New Orleans with his next series.

•Are The Office's characters turning into caricatures?

•HBO made a bad move when it ignored Mad Men.

Finally, enjoy this wonderful video from Columbus expatriots Terribly Empty Pockets that I didn't realize was on YouTube until today: