Lunch Break Links: October 17, 2007

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Columbus Alive

I know some people who think Death Cab for Cutie is a national threat, but not like this.

Radiohead week at Intensities in Ten Suburbs has been going swimmingly. Today's entry on "Fake Plastic Trees" and whether the band ever qualified as Britpop is quite entertaining. Consider: "The main influence that the band lists for the song in the first place is Jeff Buckley, that doomed American singer/songwriter that really only the lamest of dudes still list as influences. But Radiohead caught him in that rare moment in between his cult status and his actual cult status, and consequently, they were able to actually be influenced by him without realizing that eventually, by doing so, they would be in company with some of the weakest dudes ever."

Carbirdseat has a music blogger "Best of 2007 List Cheat-Sheet," and I'm ashamed.

AV Club thinks you should reconsider some things, like Gillian Anderson and Listening To The Grateful Dead Without Guilt. They also have a list of blown comebacks.

Les Savy Fav told Paper Thin Walls a story.

Pop Candy's podcast features Elisabeth Moss (Peggy) from Mad Men. (I'm weeks and weeks behind on that show, but I can't wait to catch up. Doubt I'll get to it before the finale tomorrow, though.)

Did you know Fox is doing a Terminator-based show called The Sarah Connor Chronicles? It will be paired with 24 this winter.

One of the stranger stories I've encountered in a while: Devendra Banhart made Lindsay Lohan some mix CDs to help get her through rehab.

I have the same problem as this guy.

Finally, the 30 most hideous video game tattoos. (There's a chance this isn't work safe, depending on where you work.)